Over more than two decades, we have been working with

  • Leaders, founders and owners of their own businesses
  • Businesses with $1 mio turnover p.a. and a minimum of 5 team members
  • Managers in organizations leading teams of Fortune 500 corporations

Our aim is to help transform business. We do this in the areas of

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Agile Learning Projects
  3. Organizational Effectiveness
  4. Small Business Turnaround
  5. New Product and Service Development

Our services are implemented as ‘learning journeys’ to match different learning targets to daily business needs. We seek to engage, educate and enlighten whilst making change stick by aligning cutting-edge neuroscience with ancient wisdom, common sense with client expertise & intelligence, and agile business processes with your current best practices. Our programs are designed to shift from “same old” to “new bold”!

Results and positive change our clients tell us about;

Confidence, Consciousness, Commitment, Courage, Clarity, Certainty, Creativity, Communication, Culture, Character, Connection, Collaboration and Cashflow!