Ceeyana? – What does that stand for?

written by on March 31, 2016

Well we’re really delighted that you asked. The name Ceeyana is composed of two parts; CEE + YANA. Beginning with the end in mind as great innovations are supposed to do, let’s start with ‘Yana”. I first came across the term YANA while...

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We really must block some time for spontaneity

written by on March 16, 2016

Isn’t it funny that we all sort of know what spontaneity is, but yet we can’t plan it, teach it or demonstrate it. I think it is the same with creativity. Creativity is creative precisely to the extent that it cannot be created. Could we say that...

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Waldorf Salad

written by on March 09, 2016

As a teenager my mother was a music teacher at the Waldorf School in Krefeld, Germany. For me Waldorf education in the last years of my school life, provided me with what I would call essential or foundational life energy and nutrients – a kind of educational...

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You live and learn

written by on March 06, 2016

A few years back I remember reading and laughing out loud about a guy who simply tweeted the sh*t his dad said. It was an online success propelling him and his Dad unwittingly to internet stardom. Why shouldn’t your dad – or mom for that matter – be...

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