Waldorf Salad

As a teenager my mother was a music teacher at the Waldorf School in Krefeld, Germany. For me Waldorf education in the last years of my school life, provided me with what I would call essential or foundational life energy and nutrients – a kind of educational salad. Coming from a very traditional education in Washington DC, this was a rich and colorful experience – the topics and lessons tossed together creatively. And like a well balanced salad the overall taste and consumption experience was crisp, fresh and satisfying.  Still, like most teenagers salad seemed bland and boring at the time, and a lot of the time I would have rather gone back to a regular school (the one with cheeseburgers, regular fries and sodas on the syllabus).

Now in my line of work in change coaching and facilitation I like to indulge in and share the secret sauces and fond recipes from my Waldorf ‘salad days‘, because looking back, like most things, I learned the most when I was taken out of my comfort zone into a whole new wonderful world of possibilities.