Your work is going ok yet you are at a crossroad. Maybe you’ve hit a bump or even feel stuck, discontent with the status quo. You want to grow, need to do something different yet don’t know where to start.

At times you feel disillusioned, possibly confused and want to fall back in love with why you started with this in the first place.

You’re probably overwhelmed, unable to make crucial decisions, feeling frustrated. You really want to spark the plug again.

Leading people, leading a team, a project, leading a company seems more about t icking off the list these days than havingreal meaningful dialogues, relationships and a passion for making a difference.

Something different has to be done to get to the next level. You are ready to learn & grow, to be inspired and walk away from a new journey, a coaching journey with the fire lit again.

In our work we focus on essentials:

  1. “Purpose” – values, vision, mission, culture, passion, goals
  2. People” – lead & manage stakeholders (personal & professional), lead the company, lead the team and don’t forget, lead self
  3. “Process” – balancing stability, structure, agility & flexibility across the business
  4. “Place” – flourishing of business space, direct environment & planet, office & home wellbeing
  5. “Product/Service” – strategy, innovation, sales, marketing & branding, quality
  6. “Profit” – financials and win-win

We approach assessment of above – what needs to stabilize, optimize, adapt – in terms of
Mindset, Heartset, Skillset .

  • Learn how to work with a success mindset for greater results
  • Tap into the energy of the heartset to come from a  place where values and emotions matter
  • Execute with the skillset to see and measure long-term success

We support our clients to find courageous commitment to change through