“The survey results are in……we had a significant increase in the Engagement score…up 24%!  It’s been an inspiring journey! Thanks Elisa!” — SVP Fortune 500


“Your facilitation was expert and always extremely helpful and the program excellent. We are motivated and excited to begin this next phase of our development as a team and growth of our company.  We are also tired at a deep level because the work went deep and so I believe it will stick.  Hooray!! We have received so many incredibly valuable insights as individuals and as a team and now the journey can really begin which makes me VERY happy!!!” — CEO


“This program built trust and alignment in our team, helped us to focus on top priorities plus gave us the needed visibility to key stakeholders to affect change, build pride and long term results.” — HR Lead EMEA


“Your coaching was a divergent point for me and for that I am forever grateful.”  — Business Director


“I truly appreciate your guidance Elisa. You have opened my eyes to a different way of thinking and reacting which makes me happy. I had always deep down realized I needed to change but found it difficult to one, focus in on exactly what needs to change and two, trust it is OK. Thank you!”


“What an inspiring journey it has been!  Your coaching and support have been so valuable to me at work and at home! Thank you.” — VP Interior Design


“Thank you for leading the best class I have taken at xxx!  You are a talented instructor.  You provided great tools to help in my professional and personal environments (which do overlap). I look forward to being accountable.” — Financial Commercial Director


“At first I thought working agile was just about speed, but now I get that visualizing our project work has boosted team engagement and stopped wasting time on low priority, stressful work.” — Learning & Development Lead


“Thank you for your wonderful support in the last year. Every interaction with you was an enrichment and incentive for me to create my work and life full of energy and positivity just like you lead yours!” — SVP Corporate Management Development


“I am really touched by the beauty of your heart and the deep love you have for the world. What I did not say in the round of feedback is that it feels that all the people of the world are your children. I really feel with the power of your heart in combination with your sharp thinking, you can change the world. You are like a powerful and wise mother.” — Consultant